Aya Uchida: “I will marry after 2 years, and my ideal partner’s annual income? Probably around 10 Million, and want to give birth to three!” [內田彩][声優]

Last Sunday, Aya Uchida announced her marriage plans during one of her events. Fret not, Aya Uchida is still single!

Aya Uchida’s speech:
1. I’m Aya Uchida, currently 29 years old♡
2. Still 29 years old
3. 29 years old
4. I want to have 3 kids
5. I’ll probably announce my marriage plans after 2 years
6. Needless to say, I’ll try my best! (Trying your best to look for a partner? 😛
7. Annual income? Of course, I’m concerned!
8. Probably around 10 Million (yen) will do
9. Well, and have to bring me for travel at least once a year


Aya Uchida’s requirements:

1. Anyone who’s available within these next two years

2. Average annual income of 10 Million

3. And minimum of 1 travel per year

ボノン「What if you’re marrying after 30 years old?」
内田彩「I’ll…be married! Maybe after 2 years!」
ボノン「If only you have one (Ideal partner)」
客の1人「Please do you best!」

内田彩 「It’s a pathless race!!! Even without any help, I’ll still try my best-est!」

A man should always work hard and be successful in his career. (Take a sip of my coffee tea

Q: If I met the requirements, then where do I apply?
A: -I have no idea-



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